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Concept,  Direction & Design :

Valentina Ceschi,  Kate Lane

Composer : Helen Epega

 Choreography: Masumi Saito

Film Maker: Vicki Thornton

Dancers: Yen-Ching Lin & Nissa Nishikawa

Producer: Susannah Bramwell

Production Manager: Lizzie Debonnaire

Design Assistant: Sonia Odera 

CONFINEMENT is a testament to motherhood over lockdown.  

It is a project for mothers by mothers. 

Set in the wilderness of Walthamstow Wetlands, this site-specific project uses costume, sound & movement to examine the historic traditions of post-natal confinement in the context of the global pandemic lockdowns. 

In collaboration with composer Helen Epega & choreographer Masumi Saito this project consists of a site-specific costume-led performance at Walthamstow wetlands in London, a series of ‘Echos’ in the form of short films working with filmmaker Vicki Thornton and creative community workshops resulting in a collective artwork in the form of a digital 'Patchwork'  



Performance Dates:

15th - 17th September 2022


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