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(10min 2023)

Confinement is a short film set in the watery landscape of Walthamstow Wetlands, London. It presents a surreal, dystopian alternate world of maternal experiences as a testament to motherhood and birth during the covid lockdown.

During a series of tableaus, we see fantastical costumed figures interact with one another in this abandoned urban wilderness, enacting a mysterious mythology through acts of ritual and service. The film explores narratives around confinement, restriction, grief, healing and hope.   It’s quiet pace is accompanied by an original score by Helen Epega.

This short film is an echo and accompanying piece to a site-specific performance at Walthamstow Wetlands in London in the summer 2022, part of the wider project was a series of community workshops and a collective digital artwork as memory of these events.  

Director: Vicki Thornton 

Concept/ Direction/ Design: Valentina Ceschi & Kate Lane 

Director of Photography: Jonathan Nicol 

Editor: Michael Ho 

Composer: Helen Epega

Choreography: Masumi Saito 

Performers: Valentina Ceschi, Kate Lane And Masumi Saito 

Producer: Susannah Bramwell 

1st Assistant Director: Rimma Mareychenko 

Production Manager: Lizzie Debonnaire 

Sound Recordist: Guy Fixsen 

Camera Assistant: Nina Gubatan 

Design Assistant: Sonia Odera 


With the support of: Arts Council England, London Wildlife Trust, Waltham Forest Women’s Network, 101 Outdoor Arts, Motherly Love, and The Maternal Journal.

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