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A visceral visual landscape with an immersive sound experience, Greenham was a site-responsive performance on Greenham Common, the former site of the American Army base and the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp in the 1980s. The performance looked at the way nature reclaims land after trauma and was the first in a series of new works looking at ‘women and power’. Inspired by the performance this 360VR film immerses the audience in a landscape haunted by the voices of the women from the peace camps.   

Brave New Worlds create highly visual performances that sit on the intersection between theatre, dance, fashion and visual-art, pushing at the boundaries in an attempt to challenge conventions. This 360VR was a collaboration with sound artist Caroline Devine and Ben Turnbull, a visual artist specialising in immersive technologies.

360 Direction and Videography: Ben Turnbull

Concept/ Design/ Direction (live performance) :Valentina Ceschi & Kate Lane

Music and Sound: Caroline Devine

Dramaturgy: Athena Stevens


With the voices of Jenny Hammond, Joelle Taylor, Anna Scott Hayward and Lynette Edwell.

Assistant Designer: Sonia Odera

Performers: Josephine Auffray, Valentina Ceschi, Jennifer Fletcher, Natalie Nicole James and Kate Lane

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